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Upcoming Schedule

Wed Apr 24th @ 2:00 PM (PT)

Thu Apr 25th @ 12:00 AM (PT)

Thu Apr 25th @ 5:00 PM (PT)




Mon. 4/22: Perry Stone hosts Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz and Bill Cloud in Nashville, TN – Prophecy Night


Tues. 4/23: Matt Crouch hosts Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Ryan Collins, and Nona Jones in Los Angeles, CA – Bethel Tech


Thur. 4/25: Matt & Laurie Crouch host Mike & Peggy Rowe in Miami, FL – About My Mother


Fri. 4/26: Erick Stakelbeck hosts Jonathan Cahn and Ryan Mauro in New York City – Mt. Sinai & Prophecy



Mon. 4/29: Matt & Laurie Crouch host Mike Lindell in Los Angeles, CA – Health/MyPillow


Tues. 4/30: Matt & Laurie Crouch host Joel & Victoria Osteen in Rome, Italy - Your Best Life Now


Thur. 5/2: Matt & Laurie Crouch host Robert Morris in Los Angeles, CA - Beyond Blessed: God's Perfect Plan to Overcome All Financial Stress


Fri. 5/3: Tom Newman hosts Charles Mully in Dallas, TX at 5pm PT/8pm ET, followed by the Mully movie at 8pm PT/11pmET.