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This may be the most powerful, inspiring book about Israel you’ll ever read!


In Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital, Jay Sekulow lays out the evidence for the Jewish people’s claim on the land of Israel and their right to view Jerusalem as their eternal capital. You’ll want to share this book with anyone who needs a better understanding of why Christians should and do support Israel.


For your gift of support:  TBN wants to bless you with Jerusalem to help you discover the roots of your faith.


Gift of $100 or more:   In addition to the book, receive Joseph Prince’s Secrets in the Hebrew Letters. There are pictures of Jesus hidden in the ancient Hebrew alphabet and in certain Hebrew words—prophetic pictures that point to His perfect work on the cross! Discover how understanding these words can lead to breakthroughs and blessings!


Gift of $250 or more:  Receive all the above resources as well as the Tree of Life Bible translation. Discover deeper meaning and enjoy scriptural insights highlighting the rich Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.


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