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Hawaii State Senate Commends Trinity Broadcasting Network for Forty Years of Christian Television

LOS ANGELES (June 24 2013) — As Trinity Broadcasting Network celebrates forty years as a trailblazer in faith and family television, leaders and legislators from around the nation are weighing in with their own congratulations.


Among them is the State Senate of Hawaii, which passed an official resolution commending TBN on the historic milestone and noting the importance of the network's broadcast presence throughout the state. Noting that TBN is the largest Christian broadcaster in the world with 20-plus global networks and 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide, the resolution acknowledges TBN's impacting presence across the Big Island, as well as on Oahu and Maui.


TBN offers five of its most popular networks over the air in Hawaii, and provides locally produced shows like Joy in Our Town and a state-wide version of its signature music and ministry show Praise the Lord, hosted by local pastors and Christian leaders from across the islands.


“Viewers trust Trinity Broadcasting Network to promote traditional values,” the resolution reads, and depend on TBN “to provide Christian programming that is positive, hopeful, and encouraging.”


The resolution also acknowledges the network's broad humanitarian outreach, noting that TBN's Smile of a Child foundation has helped families in Haiti devastated by Hurricane Katrina by providing food, water, and spiritual encouragement, and TBN's Second Chance program reaches out with a faith-based initiative that provides Christian television to those in prison across the nation.


Emphasizing the impact that TBN has had on Hawaii since its launch on the islands some 15 years ago, the resolution, which is personally signed by many of the state senators, concludes with the declaration that “the Senate of the Twenty-Seventh Legislature of the State of Hawaii hereby commends and congratulates the Trinity Broadcasting Network on the occasion of it 40th anniversary in 2013 for its dedication and commitment to our community.”


TBN founder Dr. Paul Crouch said that such words of encouragement mean a lot to him personally, as well as to the many staff members and ministry partners who keep TBN on the air everyday. “We're thankful to Hawaii's legislators for officially recognizing the impact TBN has had throughout their state,” he said. “And we look forward to the years ahead as God continues to bless our efforts to take life-changing Christian programming across the nation and around the world.”


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