We thank the Lord for touching Tyler who has Type1 Diabetes. Tyler had an allergic reaction to something and we took him to the hospital but the Lord has touched him. We thank Jesus and thank TBN for your prayers! God Bless! Danny // August 17 2017
I praise God for healing the skin and veins on my legs and feet. He answered my prayers! Kusumben // August 16 2017
With only a few seats available, we Praise the Lord Jesus for helping my granddaughter get into medical school! Anonymous // August 14 2017
I was comatose for almost 3 months while members of my church prayed for me. My recovery was remarkable and God made it happen! Barry // August 13 2017
I was scheduled for hip surgery but then God healed me. The doctor took new x-rays and asked me what happened. Now there is no need for hip replacement! Peter // August 9 2017
We have been praying for my sister who has a brain hematoma. The Lord has poured out his healing power on her, and we are Praising the Lord for her healing! Denise // August 9 2017
I sent in a prayer request about my A.C. unit. Praise God, now it is fixed. Thank you for your prayers, TBN! Crystal // August 8 2017
Recently, I prayed for a financial blessing. Two hours later I received a large amount of money which will truly help me. Thank you TBN and thank you God! Taylor // August 6 2017