My husband has been delivered from alcoholism. Praise God! sandy // April 17 2017
I am new in town & I needed to find a church. I asked God to lead me. Then one day while eating at a diner, I overheard 2 women discussing their church. I asked them where the church was & I have been attending there for the last 5 months & love it! Sunny // April 12 2017
About 15 yrs ago I was in an unhealthy relationship and had an abortion with my second pregnancy. However God is sovereign and a restorer. Today I'm in a healthy and loving marriage and my husband and I are expecting our first child together! Emily // April 12 2017
Been praying to free me from the addiction of pornography and through your prayers I was set free! When it happened I saw the eyes of the devil looking at me and started to strike me but God's love protected me and He told me everything is OK. Thank you. Troy // April 11 2017
I was in the garage looking at my son's motorcycle. I felt the need to pray over the bike. I walked around the bike seven times while praying. I found out two days later my son had a serious incident on his bike and could have been killed. Praise God! Ruth // April 10 2017