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The Lord answered my prayer for a safe journey home last evening after getting lost in bad weather. Sharon // December 12 2017
Praise God my sister Betty's cancer surgery was a success and no chemotherapy is needed. Idalee // December 11 2017
I am terminally ill and TBN always gives me hope. I am alone, no husband, no kids, and no friends but TBN has been a friend to me and eases my loneliness. The monthly gifts make me feel like someone truly cares. Angie // December 11 2017
Praising God for the many ways He shows me His Love. Last winter was one the worst, struggling with finances, job, weight, home life, and God has answered every prayer and turned my life around! I am so blessed! Stephanie // December 8 2017
Thank God for the wonderful prayer support team at TBN! I called recently for prayer and a loving voice answered. She prayed for me and for my nephew's kidney transplant surgery. Praise God my nephew's kidney is starting to improve and function. James // December 7 2017
I had faith & prayed with TBN and survived Stage 4 ovarian cancer that had metastasized. I give God all the praise and glory. Maria // December 6 2017
I am really enjoying your book, Praying Grace. The daily word along with the prayers has transformed my time with the King. His Holy presence and His love for me has grown deeper. I am so grateful for this life changing gift from TBN. Bonnie // December 4 2017
We are an older couple who really love watching TBN as we don't get out a lot. Thank you for the good, spiritual food we get from your wonderful pastors. Keep up the good work! Marilyn and Irvin // December 4 2017
I am so thankful for TBN. I watch you all the time. Thank you Matt and Laurie Crouch for continuing your Mom and Dad's legacy. Donna // December 3 2017
It's because I was watching TBN that I was led to the Lord. Thank you TBN, for all you do. You are a blessing to the whole world! And thank you for your prayers. Renee // December 2 2017
Last month I called TBN to pray for my daughter, a single mom, to get a job that would accommodate her children's schedule. Well, she got 2 job offers and both are great opportunities. Praise God for His faithfulness! Barbara // November 15 2017
Thank you for your prayers. I have had fertility treatments for years and now I'm pregnant! Praise Jesus! He is awesome! L // November 15 2017