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I LOVE the MIKE HUCKABEE Show! I have prayed for this for a long time, and God has answered! I believe this program will unite people in powerful ways. THANK YOU, TBN, for putting this show on TV! Catherine // October 17 2017
Thank you for praying for my family, TBN. My oldest son is now ready to have a relationship with his younger brother. This is a miracle! God Bless You All! Gale // October 17 2017
I have been in an Arizona prison for 8 years and have been watching TBN here all this time. Thank you TBN, for bringing me Hope and the Word of God into this prison. It means so much to me. Charlie B. // October 17 2017
My brother had fungal meningitis and the Dr.s gave him a very small chance of survival. Praise God he was healed and walked out of the hospital. I know this was by the mighty hand of God and the amazing Dr.s God put in his life. Thank you God! Debbie // October 15 2017
I am in prison in Ohio and always thank God for using TBN to reach me and the many prisoners incarcerated here. I will be released soon if the Lord wills it. Much love to you, TBN and thank you! Henry // October 14 2017
Thank you for praying for my grandson, Jacob who has autism and seizures. He is high functioning and knows Jesus and tells others about Him. Nana // October 5 2017
TBN, you are the BEST station on TV! Thank you! Claire // October 4 2017
Raising 4 children as a single mom can be challenging, but when you have TBN only a channel away, then there is hope to get through. TBN always provides the right Word at the right time! Thank you TBN, for being my rock for the past 10 years. Thankful Mom // October 3 2017
I called for prayer last month while suffering from pain and bleeding in my abdomen prior to leaving home for the hospital. Once in the emergency room, the pain and bleeding stopped. Doctors ran tests and found nothing wrong with me. Praise God! Lucy // October 2 2017
Praise the Lord that my family and I survived the horrific flooding in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you, Jesus! Charlie // October 1 2017
I had written to you requesting prayer for my father. His cancer had spread to his bones. After his last test, doctors revealed that there is no more cancer! Praise the Lord! Thank you for standing with us, TBN! Brenda // September 20 2017
Thank you for praying with me for my brother and his wife who survived the hurricane in Florida. God really blessed them as they had no damage to their home or property, no power outage, and no one suffered injuries. PRAISE THE LORD! Valerie // September 18 2017
I thank God for TBN. It has helped me grow spiritually. TBN is always on in my room, encouraging me, enlightening me and giving my room an atmosphere of peace, and ensuring me of my future. Adeola // September 13 2017
Thank you Lord, for keeping my Dad safe through the hurricane in Florida this week. Thank you also for sparing most of Florida in spite of the force they were supposed to get hit with. Thank you Lord for your protection through it all! Elaine // September 12 2017