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Recent Announcements for 2015



In the small Israeli town of Caesarea in 2012, TBN founder Paul Crouch laid his hands on son Matthew Crouch and wife Laurie, passing on to them the mantle of anointing God had placed over him and Jan nearly forty years earlier to take the love of Jesus to the world through Christian television.


Matthew W. Crouch has been named Chairman of the Board of the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks (TBN), the world's largest Christian television network. TBN's Board of Directors unanimously elected Mr. Crouch to the position during meetings September 4th.


When actor Dean Jones passed away September 1st at the age of 84, long-time TBN viewers recalled him as a gracious man of God whose appearances on Praise the Lord and other TBN programs dated back to 1974, shortly after he had given his life to Christ.



When evangelist and TBN ministry partner James Robison knelt down with Pastor Sammy Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, little did anyone know the incredible things the Holy Spirit was about to orchestrate.


Travel the Road, the groundbreaking reality show that follows two seasoned missionaries in their gospel outreach to some of the world's most challenging and dangerous locales, returns to TBN, the world's most-watched faith-and-family network, Friday August 7th



The passing earlier this month of Christian author and speaker Elisabeth Elliot caused me to stop and reflect on how much we need women of strong and uncompromising faith who will model the love of Jesus in the midst of adversity and challenging circumstances. Elisabeth's story is so incredibly inspiring because she spent her life doing just that ... 


It happened over forty years ago — May 26, 1973, to be exact — but I can remember it like it was yesterday. My parents, Paul and Jan Crouch, were racing to meet the FCC's May 28th deadline to get Trinity Broadcasting Network's first station — a tiny, non-operational UHF channel — on the air. If they didn't meet the deadline the frequency would be lost for good, and TBN's future would be in jeopardy ... 


Four decades after its launch as a single, part-time local television station, TBN has grown to 38 full-power stations across America and 28 global networks reaching every inhabited continent with round-the-clock life-changing Christian television. And the prayer numbers have grown as well. In the U.S. alone TBN's prayer partners — a team that now numbers more than 135 — have agreed in prayer with hundreds of millions of callers over the decades, and led over 36 million individuals to faith in Christ.



Trinity Broadcasting Network announced the highly anticipated June 1st roll-out of its newest launch, the English-language Hispanic faith-and-family network TBN Salsa. Geared toward “next generation” Hispanics who may not be fluent in Spanish, TBN Salsa will initially debut in 38 major broadcast markets across America, including Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, and Phoenix.



Matthew Crouch, Vice President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, offered a statement on the passing of Dr. Robert H. Schuller, recalling Dr. Schuller's longtime partnership with TBN.  “Back in 1973, when TBN was a small, struggling TV station in Southern California, Dr. Robert Schuller became TBN's first paid ministry partner with his program Hour of Power. That step of faith by Dr. Schuller, who was already a nationally recognized Christian leader, was a major blessing for my parents, TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, because it carried with it an implicit endorsement of this fledgling network God had called them to found. It was as if Dr. Schuller was telling the world: 'I trust TBN and this new vision for Christian television, and I'm going to partner in that vision for the long haul.' Over forty years later Hour of Power, now hosted by Dr. Schuller's grandson Bobby Schuller, is still on the air on TBN — in the very same time slot Dr. Schuller started with those many years ago.



As tens of thousands of vacationers travel to Orlando, Florida over spring break to enjoy the area's world-class attractions, many are making a point to spend a day or more at Trinity Broadcasting Network's Holy Land Experience, the unique vacation and worship destination in the heart of Central Florida where the land of the Bible comes alive, and where people are experiencing God's presence in a powerful way ... 


When Paul and Jan Crouch launched the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1973, the landscape for Christian television was wide open and largely unexplored. TBN pioneered a new inspirational electronic medium, creating bold and innovative programming that attracted viewers from a broad range of demographics with a message that brought hope, healing, and spiritual wholeness. More than forty years later, TBN is casting a vision for a new generation of Christian television through innovative programming and global networks.