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Blood Promise

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Sat May 11th @ 11:30 PM (PT)


Blood Promise

There are times in life when we all feel pushed against a wall. When life comes crashing down and we are left wondering why. Times like 911, or the Kennedy or King assassinations seem to have no bases in reason and exist only to remind us that evil is out there waiting to get it’s claws into us to destroy us if it can. It doesn't have to be a national tragedy. In our personal lives senseless mishaps can bring on crushing consequences beyond anything we have the capacity to deal with. RJ is a man who blames himself for his pregnant wife’s death. He deals with fits of drunken depression and suicidal rage on a daily basses. His life no longer makes any sense to him and he is consumed with hate and resentment toward God, people and most of all himself. When a young African American couple, Darrel and Yvette, move in next door RJ takes his anger out on them. Darrel gets combative and over protective of his wife, but Yvette is moved with compassion for the grieving man. As she sets out to try to help him regain control of his life it causes serious problems in her own marriage. She finds her self going against the man who loves her to try and help a man who hates her. The tension grows until something must give. When you see what happens it will leave an impression on your mind that will echo into your personal life.