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Between the Walls

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Sat May 18th @ 10:00 PM (PT)


Between the Walls

A challenging new feature length family drama about betrayal, forgiveness, and faith. "My dad knew everything about me, every time I ever lied, every time I cursed his name and he held all of it against me...what makes you think God isn't going to do the same thing?" When Peter (Patrick Midgley) learns that his childhood home is being repossessed, he has only five days to remove a lifetime of memories. Behind a locked door he discovers that his dad recorded everything ever said in the house. Confronted by this shocking family secret, Peter must face memories of a distant father, a lost faith, and a startling betrayal. "Between the Walls is 'a powerful drama full of suspense, conviction, and redemption that is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family' (Dove Foundation)."

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