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Please pray for me to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night peacefully; for pain to go from my feet; sharp stabbing pains and weakness in my body. Pain in my husband's knees and legs to go in Jesus name. God to heal meniscus tear and inflammation in his knees and legs. Help us by grace and mercy to lose weight and keep it off. Rose // February 18 2017
Please pray for me I am 14 with depression and am looking for answers. J.B. // January 25 2017
Rosanna is in urgent need of a safe and secure home. Please ask God to intervene this day and do what appears in the natural to be impossible. Thank you Helen // January 23 2017
Noah my 3 and a half year old son, has a ruptured globe of the right eye. He had a ruptured globe in the same eye at 7 months of age. His Cornea is very thin in his eye. Doctors say he will most likely be blind in the right eye. Please Pray in Jesus Name for a miraculous healing, that will be a testimony to God. D.M. // January 20 2017
I have Crohn disease and I am taking the drug Humira for it. In the past two weeks I have gained 7 pounds. I pray that God would heal me from my Crohn's but also that he would allow this medicine to help me without all the weight gain. I want to lose weight not gain weight. I feel like my body is fighting against me. I pray that God would help me and show me how to lose weight despite dealing with this disease. ARAINA // January 20 2017
Can you please pray for my friend Blanca and her family? Please pray especially for her son Jason. He is a good person with a kind heart and loves God. He served in the US Navy for some years, came home and has not been the same. He is depressed and confused. Thank you TBN Partners for your prayers. Sincerely, Nelly Najera Nelly // January 19 2017
I was recently diagnosed with cancer with no insurance at the moment because I only work part time and also going through a divorce. I would like prayer for healing and financial help. Thank you all God bless. Percy // January 18 2017
We lost everything when my husband refused to merge with an unethical company. Please pray the Lord would abundantly bless my husbands new business to meet our needs now and to save for upcoming retirement. Thank you so much. God is good. deb // January 18 2017
Please pray for a young man of 31 yrs old who needs a Heart transplant. His little daughter needs him to live. We need a miracle today . Cecilia // January 17 2017
My nephew lost his job today, please pray for him and his family. He is a hard working Christian man. He needs a good job to support himself and his family. Brenda // January 17 2017
Ever since I was 14 I've struggled with drugs and suicidal thoughts as well as several attempts to take my own life. I'm 24 now and along with everything I've mentioned already I'm also going through a divorce and I'm also facing the possibility of losing custody of my son. I know GOD has a plan and a reason for everything but to me it seems like nothing is getting better. I also need a job as well. I desperately need divine intervention. Please pray for me to get through this. I don't know how much more I can take. I feel like everything is coming down on top of me and the only way out I can see is GOD. Roger B. // January 17 2017
All my sins may be forgiven, that I will have my heart of stone replaced with a heart of flesh full of the holy spirit, emotions love and empathy and most importantly that the mother of my children will change her mind forgive me and come home to live with me and our two miracle children so that i will have a chance for starting all over and create a new and happy life full of love and with no sins or selfishness Kennie // January 17 2017
I am in so much pain from shingles on the left side of my face..just been able to get back to work... Please pray a special prayer for me..Thank you Betsy S. // January 17 2017
Please pray for Supernatural Protection for me and my Family.. I witnessed to a friend of my daughter by Message on Facebook. My daughters friend stated on Facebook that she will be performing rituals this weekend in the woods in a isolated cabin involving fire, blood, nudity, satan, natural herbs and fungus. She reads my many messages. I am praying that by the power of the Holy Spirit she receives Truth to set her free. She once accepted Jesus as a teenager. Arleen W. // January 16 2017
I am praying for my children, one moved away to Oregon, I miss her deeply. My other son Shane is a former heroin user. He is doing OK now. I feel alone I have a few friends around town but no family here except my son, feeling very isolated Jaclyn // January 16 2017
Please pray for my grand daughter and my daughters family. My grand daughter, MB, is going through a very hard time. She has depression, bipolar disorder. She does not think she needs to go to the Dr. She quit taking her medication when she turned 18 years old. She is now 25. She has a hard time holding a job, cannot manage her anger, etc. She was raised in a Christian home. This is a very hard time for her parents. Thank you for all of your prayers. Pat N. // January 16 2017
Prayer for our family. Pray for healing for my Mom, sister Pat, nieces Laura and Vanessa who are battling cancer and Lupus respectfully. Prayer for Peace in this difficult time. Prayer for new Administration (President) coming into office. Prayer for those dependant on drugs and alcohol, loss of loved one or job. Prayer for Family to become stronger this year and draw closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank You! Lawrence // January 16 2017
My heart is broken i have sadness for all my friends and family they are all worldly and non believers doing their own thing. Father God help them give them faith and your holy spirit draw them to Jesus and help me i feel like giving up forgive me for when i have me understand your commands and keep them even if i am the only one who believes in you amen Michael C. // January 16 2017
Please pray that my son, Levi, starts sleeping through the night. I could really use the rest. I know it's a part of motherhood, but it really affects my mood. In Jesus name, Amen. Candace R. // January 16 2017
I have gotten a drop of gasoline in my left eye and I been having pain. I have gone to urgent care and tomorrow I am going to an ophthalmologist. I just need someone to pray for me so I could get better . William J. // January 16 2017
Pray that my son Cody returns home. He left upset. I confronted him about his drug use. Pray that he will overcome this and quit the drugs. Sylvia G. // January 16 2017
My other half and I have separated. I ask for prayers that his heart be changed. He is struggling with many personal issues. I pray that he can think and communicate better and realize we are stronger together than apart. I am also in need of immediate employment in my field. Please pray for our reconciliation. Thank you. chris // January 16 2017
Please pray for my son Augustus. He has chosen a lifestyle of sin and separation from God. He was raised in the church but has turned away from any belief in God and even developed a resentment. He and his earthly father have never had much of a relationship and barely speak. He is struggling with emotional issues, sexual immorality, and looking to belong in all the wrong places. He has stated that he is empty inside and does not have any feelings for anything or anyone anymore. Satan has deceived and wounded him through his experiences and he needs Jesus' salvation. Please pray for a Godly and honorable friend to come into his life and that his heart will soften to let God in. My most desired wish for my children is that they would know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and as a loving Father. Stephannie W. // January 16 2017
God, please pray for Gods healing touch on my body and deliverance from smoking cigarettes, and for the body of Christ to be touched by the holy spirit. Justine A. // January 16 2017
I have a blood clot in my right leg between the hip and knee that is affecting one of my arteries. Please pray for God's healing touch. Thank you. P.H. - CO // January 11 2017
My sister in CA is in ICU- in critical condition. She had triple by-pass surgery and is having complications. Please pray for divine recovery. J.S. - CA // January 10 2017
Please pray for me as I need healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It causes me great pain in my right hip. J.R. PA J.R. // January 8 2017
A Florida man has just found out that he has inoperable, Stage 4, lung cancer. He needs a miracle, as well as strength and peace. // January 6 2017
A woman in Louisiana just found out that she has inoperable Stage 4 Liver Cancer. She needs strength, peace and divine healing. Call in // January 3 2017
My mother needs prayer. She is in a nursing home and her health is declining. M.M. - KS // January 2 2017