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Israel's Dual Reality
September 01 2019

Stand Together. TBN Stands Proudly with the People of Israel.


Here in the United States, when we see a colorful balloon floating by in a clear blue sky, we smile. We assume some child has let it go for the joy of watching it sail away.

TBN in Israel: Showing the Real Israel to the World
September 01 2019

Meet Mati Shoshani, Director of Operations for TBN’s Jerusalem studios.


Mati is one of many amazing individuals who help make TBN’s presence in Jerusalem a powerful beacon of truth about Israel to the world.

Prime Time - It's Entertaining | It's Inspriing | It's Prime Time Starting Monday, September 9th on TBN
September 01 2019

Weeknights on TBN just got better!


The most respected pastors, teachers, and spiritual and worship leaders make up the new fall Prime Time—only on TBN—each night with a different theme!

TBN Around the World
April 01 2019

TBN's Networks Available at Your Fingertips:


You know that you are sharing hope and grace in Jesus Christ with the world through the TBN family of networks. Did you know that you can watch all of these networks through the TBN app?


He Isn't Here
April 01 2019

TBN Specials to Inspire Your Faith this Easter.

From our family to yours, may your Easter be filled with the hope and grace that come from knowing our risen Savior.
This month in Christian History
April 01 2019

Follow a Historical Timeline in Christianity.




Christopher Columbus was commissioned by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to find a western passage to India. A few months later, Columbus, a devout Christian, sailed west

Texas Prayer Center Ready to Serve You
April 01 2019

Our Prayer Partners are Available 24/7.

My parents, Paul and Jan Crouch, always loved Texas. Over the years, they cherished the time they spent filming Praise the Lord in the Dallas-Fort Worth studios. 
TBN April Gift Offer
April 01 2019

Mother's Day is May 12th.


With Mother’s Day coming, Matt and Laurie Crouch want to help you celebrate the remarkable moms in your life with a delightful, new book, About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother.