TBN's Smoketown series
Tuesday, August 7, 2018 / TBN Staff

Three Things We Learned from Smoketown.


In case you haven’t heard, TBN’s new series, Smoketown, premiered in July! This program is unlike any we’ve ever had. Smoketown combines drama with Biblical commentary from Pastor Leon Fontaine. It follows three unique people – an Assistant Chief of Police, a reporter, and a teenage girl – as they’re supernaturally empowered to fight for the city’s poorest and most racially diverse neighborhood in the wake of a mysterious and shocking murder. As you might expect, social justice is one of the big themes in this series. Jesus cares about justice so much so that He brought justice to us by dying on the cross for us! But there are other things that we can learn from Smoketown too! Below are three talking points from the first episode, which you can watch here.


1.  Spirit contemporaries. Leon Fontaine defines a spirit contemporary as, “a person that is filled with the Holy Spirit, enhanced by the presence of God in a powerful way yet they’re real and relevant. ‘Contemporary’ means that this person can flow in any circle, speak with any person, and be able to walk into any situation with the hope of Jesus without the cringe factor. This person guided and led by the Holy Spirit is the answer to the needs of today’s world.” May we be relatable to others but guided by Jesus in a way that draws others closer to Him!


2.  God cares about the marginalized. Less than 5 minutes into the first episode of Smoketown, we’re introduced to characters serving at the homeless shelter. One of the homeless – Gladys– is seen struggling with mental illness. Bailey Chapman cups Gladys’ face into her hands and calms Gladys down by telling her, “peace, Gladys. Peace, in Jesus’ name.”  Gladys immediately calms down. Though all Bailey said were a few words, she in that moment was a spirit contemporary to Gladys.  Jesus’ name is tremendously powerful, and Bailey was empowered by the Holy Spirit to use His name to restore calm and peace.


3.  What we believe in our heart controls our lives even if it’s not the truth. Fontaine says, “God loves us. But we must first believe it to see it transform our lives and the lives of those around us.” We need to embrace the Holy Spirit and be willing to let Him use us and transform our lives for our good and more importantly for His glory! When we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, He equips us to see people and situations as He sees them! We’ll take it!


Smoketown airs on TBN Tuesdays at 4:30/3:30PM Central.