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Tuesday, November 6, 2018 / TBN Staff

Love is a Verb.


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” – John 1:1.


Love is a verb. Love died on the cross for us so that we can be in eternal communion with our Creator. Love... speaks. It spoke the world into existence and it also spoke you into existence.


In our new series Love Speaks, author Carl Wesley Anderson takes us on a journey to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father. Each episode in this series will reveal a new way in which you can learn to hear God’s multifaceted voice.


Anderson describes Love Speaks as a collection of virtually untold stories of salvation history, an ongoing narrative where we find that God has been faithful to appear and speak in every generation. And because He is faithful, He will appear and speak to us right here, right now in this generation.


Episode 1 begins in the UK and Ireland. Anderson meets Pastor Dominick O’Byrne who gives us insight into the faithful lives of the ancient monks of Skellig Michael. As is revealed in this episode, Skellig Michael is a pair of twin rock crags located in the Atlantic, southwest off the coast of Ireland. The monks who lived there were incredibly devoted to God and were martyred for their Christian faith. There is a lot about them from which we can learn and gather inspiration. 


We encourage you to look into their lives more deeply, but for now here are three things we learned from these Christian monks—our spiritual forefathers—in the first episode of Love Speaks:


  1. The Bible mattered more to them than life itself. These monks were martyred for their beliefs. They hid their Bibles in bogs and other hard to reach places for the very real fear that these precious books would be destroyed. They gave their lives for the Book that changed their lives.


  1. The Word was the foundation for their society. Anderson stresses the importance of having a strong and sturdy foundation. Much of what remains of ancient buildings in the present-day are ruins. Their foundations are gone. This is symbolic of our society today. As Christians, let’s strive to leave our mark on the world by giving the next generation a solid foundation on which to stand.


  1. The monks of Skellig Michael undertook a huge labor of love by re-scripting old manuscripts from around the world. They were literally preserving the Word of God and it took them about a year to rescript one page of scripture! How are we preserving God’s Word in our hearts and how are we sowing it into the souls of others?


There’s a lot that we can learn from these monks of Skellig Michael, and even more that we can learn from Love as it speaks to us. Love Speaks airs on TBN Mondays at 10 PM Pacific. Missed an episode? Catch up here.