Better Together
Monday, April 1, 2019 / Laurie Crouch

A Daily Morning Show by Women and for Women!


Invite a neighbor over, grab a cup of coffee, and settle into a comfy chair. Better Together is here, the daily Christian show by women, for women. Premiering this month on TBN! 

Better Together
DeeDee Freeman, Lisa Harper, Laurie Crouch, Christine Caine, Holly Wagner

Burdens are lighter when they are divided. Joy is deeper when it is shared. We were created to be in community. In fact, we are just better together. 


We have the most amazing conversations, just sitting around a table. We have been so blessed by these conversations, we had to find a way to share them with you! Better Together is the result of much prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit to make a difference for women.


As women, we have a lot to say. Real friends will get together for real conversations—five women each week, with a topic as a guide. You’ll be glad to know, there are no topics off limits! We will talk about everything, including faith, family, marriage, relationships, and so much more.


Matthew 18 reminds us when two or more gather in the name of Jesus, He promises to join us. The enemy of our souls wants us to be isolated, to be paralyzed, to believe our lives are hopeless. But that’s not what God has planned for us. With each episode, we are believing that God will have something special and very specific for us, and for you. 

We will be vulnerable in the struggles we face, the pain we feel, and even how hard it is sometimes to forgive those who have wronged us.

Better Together
Laurie Crouch, Lisa Harper, DeeDee Freeman, Hosanna Wong, and Victoria Osteen on the set of Better Together.
Christine Caine and DeeDee Freeman
Christine Caine and DeeDee Freeman


Together, we will grow closer to God and to each other. We will be vulnerable in the struggles we face, the pain we feel, and even how hard it is sometimes to forgive those who have wronged us. But we will always seek the hope and grace of Jesus for each other and for ourselves, as we embrace the healing that He has for us.

Through the faithfulness of you, our partners, we have assembled a global platform to reach the lost and enhance the faith walk of Believers. Better Together gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of women of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences.


You will laugh with us and share the experience, as we go deep into what Godly friendships are all about.



Premiere week, beginning April 22nd, features Laurie, Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Holly Wagner, and DeeDee Freeman. You will laugh with us and share the experience, as we go deep into what Godly friendships are all about. 

In the coming weeks, look for topics like Identity, Finding Your Purpose, Raising the Next Generation, and a special week that’s all about Moms! Throughout this series we will cover heart issues that impact families, marriages, and singles. Even how to work through grief and crisis. 


Guests will represent a diverse array of ages, ethnicities, generations, and cultural backgrounds. In addition to Laurie, Christine, Lisa, Holly, and DeeDee, guests on the panel will include Hosanna Wong, CeCe Winans, and Victoria Osteen. And that’s just for starters. There’s a whole bunch of us getting together, doing a show—Better Together—in the mornings, joining voices with young and old. Come share the experience with us weekdays! We can’t wait for you to join the conversation, beginning April 22, 2019!


Laurie Crouch
Laurie Crouch


Nothing qualifies us for these microphones,

except what we've learned through Christ. 

We're here to help each other out. We're

all pilgrims; we're all walking the same walk

of faith that you are.  We're all talking about

problems, talking about lives, things that

we're dealing with. We all glean from each other.

– Laurie Crouch