Matt & Laurie share an amazing worship experience with a million of Brazil's faithful.
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 / TBN Staff

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"Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done."  1 CHRONICLES 16:8, NIV



TBN Family of Networks



Al Horreya TV  Broadcasting God’s Clarion Call to the Arabic World


TBN Nejat  Reaching 70% of households in Iran, broadcasting in their native language


Kanal Hayat  Broadcasting to a potential audience of nearly 100 million Turkish viewers in the Middle East


TBN in Africa  Providing viewers across the continent round the-clock television that is changing lives, with over half of the programming produced by African ministries


Bulgaria  Saturating Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey, portions of North Africa, Israel, Egypt, the western part of Saudi Arabia, and even a majority of Russia


Fiji Mai TV  Covering much of Fiji, a vast and independent South Seas archipelago nation consisting of over 330 islands


Iceland Omega TV  Reaching all of Iceland's 327,000 residents and viewers in Scandinavia and northern Europe


Albania  On the air 24/7, reaching much of Albania and Kosovo for Christ


TBN UK  Providing over 65 million across the United Kingdom access to Christian TV


TBN Francophone  Working to spread the Gospel to all French-speaking countries worldwide


Life TV  Reaching a potential audience of 120 million people in the Baltic States, Russia, the Caucasian nations, Kazakhstan, Asia, Israel, North Africa, and beyond 


TBN Asia  Broadcasting powerful, culturally relevant, inspirational, and impacting content that is bringing individuals and families to faith in Christ


JCTV Pakistan  Taking the gospel message throughout Pakistan and beyond



God’s “Big Love” in Asia

Bringing life-changing television to Beijing and beyond.


Matt & Laurie Crouch with Joel and Victoria Osteen in China

In 2012, just a year before Paul Crouch’s passing, Matt showed his father how TBN was now available to viewers on smart phones throughout China. Recalled Matt, “I can’t begin to tell you how moved my dad was to find that, in a nation where the Gospel was forbidden for most of his life, people were now able to receive the message of Jesus through TBN.”

A little over a year ago, Matt and Laurie Crouch, along with popular TBN partners Joel and Victoria Osteen, made a historic trip into mainland China to meet with government officials about providing TBN programming in parts of the nation of 1.5 billion people. 


In the thirty years since TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch first reached out in friendship to China, efforts to broadcast the Gospel of Grace in that great country have continued—first with Paul and Jan, and now with Matt and Laurie traveling regularly to Beijing to meet with officials and offer TBN programming to the state-run China Central Television (CCTV).


"That investment in relationship is now bearing fruit,” said Matt.


In the past the only way to get Christian programming into mainland China was by sneaking it past government censors via satellite. Matt said that through their high-level meetings with CCTV, TBN will now be able to take high-interest content like VeggieTales “through the front door” to the people of China.


“This is a new day and a new story for TBN and for China." said Matt.



TBN Nejat


Today in Iran, there are no churches for Iranians to attend. That’s why Reza Safa, founder of TBN Nejat TV, is so committed to broadcasting God’s Word into the homes of the millions of Iranian Believers who consider TBN Nejat TV their church.


“They gather around their television sets and listen intently to our teachings out of God’s Word,” explains Reza. “Praise be to God that He has given us the means of delivering His Word—and many are coming to Christ.”


TBN Nejat TV reaches 70% of households in Iran broadcasting in their native Farsi-language. Nejat received hundreds of testimonies of people delivered from drug addiction and healed in their bodies as they touched the TV, salvations (including entire families coming to the Lord), and miraculous visitations from Jesus.


Over 40 percent of Iranians have smart phones, so we’ve worked heavily on the TBN Nejat TV iPhone and Android apps, which will soon be released in Iran. Find out more about TBN Nejat TV and watch it live online at