Hope and Grace
Saturday, December 1, 2018 / Matt and Laurie Crouch

Global Networks, Local Impact.


Today, we stand in awe of the finished work of Jesus and rejoice at how that work of redemption is being proclaimed and celebrated around the world through TBN. TBN programming is available to over 1.6 billion people through our 30 international affiliate networks, but we dream of reaching over 7 billion. That means our partners are fulfilling both vital halves of Jesus’ “Great Commission”—bringing salvation to the lost and making disciples. 


TBN Staff in Madrid with Matt & Laurie Crouch


Faith-Forward, Jesus-honoring media content


By God’s grace and power, TBN has truly become a global network—gifted with an opportunity to bring faith-forward, Jesus-honoring media content to souls on every inhabited continent. We’re opening that gift and putting it to use for Jesus’ Kingdom and God’s glory, and we’re doing this by creating a wave of brand-new programs that feature the best in Biblical, Spirit-empowered teaching; fascinating, uplifting conversation; and spiritually enriching, culturally relevant original series.


On top of all that, we’re adding local programs in each region around the world to make sure that people in every part of the world hear the Gospel from people who look and talk just like themselves.


... Jesus’ private, intimate interactions with a single person still impact, teach, and inspire us


Yes, the Gospels describe Jesus’ ministry to the crowds, but His most powerful moments tended to be His one-on-one encounters. After two millennia, the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ private, intimate interactions with a single person still impact, teach, and inspire us. Think about the woman at the well, the tax collector Zacchaeus who climbed a tree just to see Jesus, the woman who served and worshipped Jesus by washing His feet, Nicodemus who was the first to learn the mystery of the new birth, and Jesus’ dear friends Mary and Martha. He touched and changed their lives one at a time.


The idea of reaching 7 billion people is amazing, but in the end, that’s just a huge number. What really encourages and motivates us is hearing stories of individuals changed by Jesus through this ministry. TBN could reach the same number of people by broadcasting one channel in one language all over the world. But that wouldn’t be nearly as effective, would it?  People are unique, cultures are varied, and life is different in each community. 


Unique people and diverse cultures


So TBN continues to expand globally by expanding locally. Most of the 30+ TBN networks serve diverse populations, in an ever-growing array of languages and local content. This month, we are excited about giving God the glory for the work He’s doing through the international TBN networks.


New ministry shows in the United Kingdom

Excitement is building, and lives are being changed through Jesus-honoring programs produced at the studios of TBN UK. Studio productions include several new ministry series, such as Healing in Jesus’ Name with John Mellor, Days of Wonder with Jarrod Cooper, and Heart 2 Heart with Pastor Doug Williams. Messages of hope and grace continue in the new seasons of Treasures of Grace with Emmanuel Ziga, Grace Shouts Louder with Pastor Ray Bevan, and Demystifying the Kingdom of God with Pastor Alan Scotland.  Reaching millions of homes across the UK is truly awe-inspiring but seeing the healing hand of our Savior at work drives us to step out further in faith. 


... TBN programming was there to lift up Jo’s spirits and help her get through one more day


Recently, TBN UK viewer Jo shared how lifesaving, Jesus-honoring Christian programming helped on her journey to freedom, as years of drug addiction gave way to deliverance. While recovery was difficult, some days even to the point that she battled suicidal thoughts, the TBN programming was there to lift up Jo’s spirits and help her get through one more day. She has now been a Christian for two years and was baptized this summer. 


Soul saved in the UK


"I don't know what made me turn to TBN UK... but then I felt as if God was talking to me.  I said the simple saving prayer you hear many times on TBN UK and after I said it, I was flooded with a sense of true joy and peace, crying and smiling at the same time."  - *Viv Frost





Teaching & healing programs drawing viewers in Pakistan


Second Peter 3:9 reminds us that our Lord isn’t willing for anyone to perish. That is why we continue to seize every possible opportunity to reach the lost and equip the Believers in Asia. JCTV in Pakistan is thriving, despite a culture that is often hostile to the Gospel. JCTV broadcasts from their studio in Lahore and frequently ventures out to sponsor teaching and healing in places like Gawahi Prayer Center, SSB Biblical University, and Victory Family Church. Brother Nasir from Gujranwala recently shared his appreciation for the ministry of JCTV, especially the program Rah-e-Amal, which brings teachings “that lead to the right path.” Another JCTV viewer rated the program Roz ki Roti as excellent, with the messages of Dr. Rauf Sabir being “very blessed and soul winning.”  



Scandinavia goes live


TBN Nordic, previously a streaming service, went live via satellite this fall in Scandinavia with a potential to reach over 21 million people. We are so excited about what God has in store for Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. Stay tuned; we will be sharing stories of changed lives through the spreading of the Gospel in the months to come.

More viewers being reached in South Africa


TBN in Africa has outgrown their facility; we are praying for God’s provision for a new property. Matt and Laurie’s trip this past summer included a visit to a ministry in Tanzania to explore ways to help the people develop better agricultural solutions. Several episodes of Praise were also brought to you from southern Africa, and they are available to view at watch.tbn.tv if you missed them.


As the sister network to TBN in Africa, TBN Mzansi was recently launched and runs on a platform called Kwesé TV. This is significant because it is free and accessible to viewers in 46 of 54 nations across the African continent. 

Over in East Africa, Lighthouse TV in Uganda is thriving, reaching a potential of over 22 million viewers. They recently participated in the Kampala Capital City Festival, where the people spent time in praise and worship, shared their testimonies, and soaked in the Gospel message. Lighthouse TV also takes every opportunity to venture out into the community to meet with viewers, including a Sunday spent with Sseta Good Samaritan Church.


Doors Wide Open in Taiwan


TBN has also expanded the reach of the Gospel in Taiwan. It’s amazing how God has opened the door with national broadcaster TVBS. Countless lives are yet to be changed; countless stories are waiting to be told. Drive Thru History is currently airing on TVBS, spreading hope and grace in this new region.


Your support is making a world of difference


Thank you for being counted among the “laborers” and sharing in God’s harvest. Your faithfulness is bearing fruit one soul at a time and bringing encouragement to those co-laboring with you in the studios and communities around the world. 



SPECIAL UPDATE:  Watch a special message from Matt & Laurie in Taiwan at tbn.org/movie/taiwantrip  


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