Tuesday, August 14, 2018 / TBN Staff

Bear Grylls: Faith Doesn’t Always Feel Loud, It’s Quiet 


Sitting above the Pacific Ocean in a recent episode of Praise, Bear Grylls revealed when faith became a part of his world. When he was a kid, Bear had what he called a “natural faith”, an innate sense that there was a presence and goodness that existed outside of himself.  More importantly, Bear mentions that he always had this sense that he was loved. These two things, that a good presence and that love existed outside of himself gave Bear an uncomplicated faith at a very young age. 
As he grew older, Bear experienced an unfortunate (and all too common) aspect of the world: the world is a cynical place, and it does its best to eliminate the faith we possess. Bear found that often, it was faith-professing individuals who seemed the most judgmental, and with their judgment ringing in his ears, he set his faith aside for a time. 
In his mid-teens, Bear’s godfather passed away. In this moment of immense pain, Bear cried out to God, telling him “I wish you existed, like you did when I was small.” This prayer (of sorts) was met with a wonderful response from God: a feeling of comfort. In this comfort, Bear understood that he wasn’t alone, that God was with him. And despite his many doubts, and despite the fact that he has good days and bad days, Bear still finds comfort in God’s still, quiet, surrounding presence. 
This, then, is an important thing we can learn from Bear’s story: faith is often quiet. Now that’s not to say God doesn’t exert epic force over our lives (He can), or that He doesn’t do spectacular miracles (He does) so much as it is to say that one way we see God’s power manifested is through His consistency. God is everlasting to everlasting, and through all He remains the same. And it is within this continuing goodness that we can rely and trust. Our work, then, is to remember to cry out to Him, to lean on Him constantly. Just as Bear learned that God was always there, even when he (Bear) didn’t believe, so too we know that God is there for us, even when our faith is weak. 
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